I am a PhD student at East China Normal University (ECNU), working in the School of Data Science and Engineering, advised by Ming Gao and Xiang Li. My research interests lie in few-shot learning for information extraction. I am currently working on few-shot relation classification and few-shot named entity recognition. I have interned in the NLP groups at Alibaba (in 2021) and Meituan (in 2022). Previously, I graduated from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) in 2017 with a major in civil aviation engineering.

When I'm not doing NLP, I like to work out, play guitar, and read.


  • March 2024: We released a self-improving embodied conversational agent, OS-Copilot, seamlessly integrated into the operating system to automate our daily tasks. Friends who are interested can try it out~

  • March 2024: In March, we published a survey paper titled "A Survey of Neural Code Intelligence: Paradigms, Advances, and Beyond". We hope it attracts a lot of interest and attention!

  • March 2024: 2 papers were accepted at COLING 2024. Check out the publications page for more info!

  • October 2023: 1 papers accepted at EMNLP 2023. Check out publications page for more info!

  • May 2023: We've created an open-source project, Viscacha, aiming to release a comprehensive Chinese information extraction dataset. We welcome everyone to pay close attention to it~

  • May 2023: 1 papers accepted at ACL 2023. Check out publications page for more info!

  • February 2023: Our team, DataIsPower, won the runner-up prize in the pre-trained language model application tuning algorithm category at the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area International Algorithm Competition, with a prize money of ¥200,000. We are so grateful!!!

  • January 2023: 1 papers accepted at DASFAA 2023. Check out publications page for more info! Also, I attended DASFAA 2023 in person :)